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  • Steven Guzik, OD

The Frame Disinfection System Safeguarding My Patients & Keeping Us Going

Your patients trust you to keep them safe during the pandemic. With frame try-on a key part of the eyecare visit, disinfection of all the frames on display, which have been handled by staff and other patients, is essential. Fortunately, my practice found just the disinfection system we need to feel confident that we are providing a safe environment for our patients to do their optical shopping. That system, ZEISS UVClean, is easy to use and quickly provides a high level of disinfection from virus pathogens and germs.

Proven Safe & Effective I decided to use ZEISS UVClean in the office to provide enhanced patient and staff protection. Utilizing UV light and swift disinfection time, the system proved to be better and more unique compared to other frame disinfection options.

ZEISS UVClean incorporates a sealed germicidal chamber so that UVC light does not escape during use. In addition there are several safety features to protect the user, such as a lid auto-lock so the chamber is not opened during a cycle, a fan and filter to reduce any potential for ozone creation and/or buildup. The ZEISS UVClean is also UL Listed to ensure it meets all regulatory requirements for an electrical device of this type

Tested to Ensure No Chance of Damage to Frames ZEISS tested frames, demo lenses, frame tags, Rx lenses, and Rx coatings to ensure that they can safely be used in the ZEISS UVClean.

Here are the frame materials ZEISS tested at an independent lab and which represent the most commonly sold frame materials in the market:

  • Plastic (cellulose acetate)

  • Optyl

  • Plastic (cellulose propionate)

  • Metal (Stainless steel)

  • ZYL (zylonite)

  • Metal (Flexon)

  • Metal (monel)

  • Metal (Aluminum) Frame

  • Metal (titanium) (painted or embellished)

  • Frames with Rhinestones

  • NYLON (blended polyamide, co-polyamides and gliamides)

  • Metal Nylor – Groove mount

  • NYLON Sport (gliamides, grilamid or trogamid)

  • Zyl inline groove

We knew, given the many materials ZEISS UVClean was tested on, that not only would our frames be thoroughly disinfected, but that they would be fully cleaned without damaging our products.

User Friendly & Efficient After a patient has completed their frame selection in our optical, all frames that were handled are set aside and then inserted into ZEISS UVClean. In less than a minute the frames are disinfected and ready to be safely placed on display for future patients. Prior to ZEISS UVClean, the disinfection process would take approximately two minutes per frame. If a patient tries on 10 frames, that is 20 minutes spent per patient encounter.

The ZEISS UVClean is easier than making a cup of coffee! Popping the top, placing the frames in the unit and pressing the power button is all it takes to generate a disinfected frame.

In our office, the dispensing optician working with the patient and frames is accountable for disinfecting the frames during the encounter. I believe this helps limit potential exposure among our staff to virus and other microorganisms.

Instills Confidence in Patients & Staff Openly displaying acts of cleanliness provides comfort to patients and staff. Utilizing technology to fortify these acts instills confidence to patients, encouraging future visits. Delivering a safe workplace by utilizing innovative technology demonstrates a commitment to employee safety.

Having an ophthalmic industry leader like ZEISS associated with the UVClean product granted us the confidence move forward with this system. My dedicated ZEISS lens representative sent an e-mail with the details on the UVClean. After discussing it with her, it was a simple decision to make.

Impressive ROI Today & Beyond Monthly expenses for disinfection chemicals and wipes have been reduced. We were averaging approximately $150 per month on materials designated for eyewear disinfection. ZEISS UVClean has removed that expense, and is a device that will be used for the post-pandemic world!

Original article found on Review of Optometric Businesses: The Frame Disinfection System Safeguarding My Patients & Keeping Us Going

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