You didn't think we'd send you out in the world without protection, did you?


One year, one time scratch replacement on coated lenses.  If you opted for Premium Anti-Reflective coating, we've got you covered for 2 years. If Felix or Fido get hungry and chew on your lenses, that will void your warranty. If they are lost, stolen, or damaged out of neglect (as determined by your super skilled..seriously..Davinci type skills, amazing optician) that will void the warranty.  If the doctor changes your prescription, we've got you covered within 60 days of purchase.  If you are non-adaptive to a lens design or material, we will remake them 1 time within 30 days of purchase. You will be responsible for any additional charges in the upgrade or change.


We warranty your frames for 1 year against manufacturer defects. Warranty not valid for frames that are lost, stolen, damaged out of neglect, or devoured by hungry beasts. That also includes your hot car...

((poor sunglasses))

If you scored a Value package we've got you covered for 30 days.

Return Policy

Primary Eyecare Professionals does not issue refunds on services, contact lenses, prescription eyewear, or any other custom made or medically prescribed products. Prescription lenses are custom (as prescribed by your doctor) and non-refundable. Eyewear that has not yet been dispensed is refundable up to 30 days from the date of purchase with a 30% restocking fee. Cancellation of order must occur same day and customer is still liable for any charges that may have been incurred while submitting the prescription for processing.  Unopened boxes of contact lenses may be exchanged within 45 days from purchase.

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