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contact lens services

Over 30 million Americans are current contact lens wearers!

Interested in trying contacts for the first time? Are you a long-time wearer just looking to know a little more? Keep reading to find out how PEP is dedicated to providing individualized contact lens services to our patients with a multitude of needs.

contact lens fitting

Before you start sticking things in your eye, you're going to need to be fit!
Determining things like the shape of your eye, your specific prescription, and any factors such as dry eye are crucial in getting you in the lenses that are going to be the healthiest and most comfortable for you. 

Based on your prescription, Dr. Guzik will determine your need for single vision or multifocal lenses, toric lenses to correct for any astigmatism, and the correct lens "size" to fit you.

The doc will also be sure to fit you in a lens specific to your needs to suit your lifestyle, such as daily disposable lenses, soft or RGP (rigid gas permeable) hard lenses, and even cosmetic contact lenses!

If you're a long-time lens wearer, Dr. Guzik will perform a new fitting at every exam to make sure your lens design is still working for you, and stay abreast of the newest contact lens technology.

contact lens training

If you're a first-time wearer, or just need a quick refresher, one of our technicians will train you on proper insertion, removal, cleaning, storage and disposal of your lenses. Your training session will be personalized to fit your needs, and assure you leave our office with the knowledge and skills to properly and comfortably handle and care for your lenses.

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